Preachers, Lunch Ladies, and the Rest of Us

When I first created the weekly “Dear Working Preacher” letter at, I realized almost immediately that there was something I could do for preachers each week that was as important as it was easy: say thank you. All I wanted to do in that last sentence or two was to offer simple recognition of the hard work and dedication that preachers bring to their calling and to let them know that someone noticed…and appreciated it. Interesting, of all the comments and emails I’ve received over the years about the value of that letter, the one thing folks commented on more than anything else were those closing words of thanks.

Perhaps that’s why I was first drawn to, and then moved by, Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s story about his children’s books – really graphic novels – about lunch lady superheroes. Yes, it’s fun to think about the possibility that the ubiquitous lunch ladies of our public schools are secretly super-heroes serving justice along with meatloaf. ☺ But it’s also really important to recognize their work as valuable, as making a difference, as worthwhile.

And it’s not just preachers and lunch ladies; it’s the mail carrier and restaurant server and administrative assistant and school teacher and election day volunteer and sales clerk and Sunday greeter and school bus driver and all the other people with whom we cross paths regularly. Simple validation that what they do matters – and even more that who they are matters – is so important…and so easy. So why don’t we do it more? I have no idea, but perhaps after watching these five inspirational moments of Krosoczka’s Ted Talk we’ll be more likely to.

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