Escaping Education’s Death Valley

There are few people I enjoy listening to more than Ken Robinson. An educator and expert on creativity, he is the author of the excellent book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, and his TED Talk on schools and creativity has been watched by more people than any other Talk.

In this presentation, he offers both a candid description of why our current education is failing us as well as clear suggestions for making it better. The reason education is such an important topic, of course, is that it doesn’t just affect children and their parents, but all of us. Education shapes the emerging generation, the generation we will work with, live with, govern with, and all the rest. No one can afford a poor education system, but even though other countries spend less and have larger classes, we often lag behind. Ken Robinson helps explain why as well as point a way forward.

What he says, however, about the diversity of our interests and abilities and our need to cultivate climates of creativity and learning isn’t just limited to schools. It can help us think differently about our congregations, our households, our communities, and more. His final image of Death Valley in bloom alone is worth the listen. So if you can find 20 minutes this week to watch Robinson talk, I hope you will…and then start thinking about how you can apply the principles he describes and live into the dream he shares.

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