Friday Fun: Amazing Ronaldinho Flipbook Apr26


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Friday Fun: Amazing Ronaldinho Flipbook

Okay, so this has next to nothing to do with “where faith meets life.” But I still thought it was really cool and, well, it’s Friday, so why not?

I grew up playing soccer so am a huge fan of Ronaldinho’s nearly inconceivable skills as a player. He is one of the finest to have ever graced the pitch.

And, I have to admit that ever since I first saw a flip work as a kid – a kid totally used to TV – I’ve been kind of amazed by them. Not to mention that I’m in utter awe of the amount of time and care it must taken the artist who goes by the name Etoilec to put these flip books together.

So…incredibly human artistry on the playing field and in the artist’s studio, both of which, I would contend, are different expressions of God’s good gifts. Maybe there’s something here about “faith and life” after all.

Happy Friday!

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2) Thanks to Open Culture, once again, for finding very cool stuff to share.