Need Encouragement?

Yes, this is an “inspirational video.” You can find them anywhere, I know. And some of them are just downright kitschy. I know that, too.

But it was still just what I needed today.

For all kinds of reasons – some personal, some probably shared by you.

I guess it just feels like we’re at a hard place – as a nation, as a church, as a people. I’m at a hard place, at least. Maybe you are, too. Which is why I thought the reminder “Kid President” offers us about being on a team, about not giving up, and about encouraging each other was, well, awesome.

Plus, frankly, it’s so darn cute – something that at times I underestimate. ☺

So watch, be encouraged, pass it on if you choose. Have a great day.

Notes: 1) If you are receiving this post by email, you may need to click here to watch the video.
2) Thanks to Katie Cashin at The Very Hungry (so hard for me not to add “Caterpillar” ☺) for pointing me to the Kid President video and to the folks at Soul Pancake for making it.