This one is just for fun…

Some of you may have heard that the Vikings are having a pretty good year. 🙂 As they are playing the Eagles Sunday for the NFC championship and a trip to the Super Bowl (which will be played here in Minneapolis!), the town is, of course, going crazy. In particular, one tradition started a year ago – the Skol chant – is catching on everywhere, and KARE 11, a local TV station, offered a Skol-chant challenge, inviting different groups to offer their take on it. I suggested our senior choir do it, as their robes are purple, and they went for it! I’ll put our version below (or you can click this link to watch it on Youtube). My thanks to Drs. Beverly Claflin (Director of Worship and Music) and Richard Owen (Principal Organist) and to our wonderful Senior Choir (especially those who normally root for the Packers!).

If you’re interested in where this all started (hint: neither MN nor Norway), you can read the interesting article about the origins of the Skol chant here. Have a great weekend!