The Power of Love…and a Good Story

I love Kiva, perhaps the first internet facilitated, global face-to-face micro-lending organization. We’ve enjoyed giving and receiving Kiva gift certificates at Christmas in our family for several years. But although I knew a bit about the organization, I hadn’t seen the TED Talk of its founder, Jessica Jackley, until just recently. And…it…bowled…me…over.

Why? Because of two things. First, Jackley believed from the beginning that people care about others and want to help. She didn’t try to convince them, or persuade them, or draw them in to helping others through games or gimmicks. She just believed people cared and only needed a way to make a difference.

Second, she knows the power of a good story. And, indeed, the secret of Kiva is introducing you to the stories – and thereby the lives – of thousands upon thousands of people who are seeking to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities via the small loans they request through Kiva.

This is a wonderful and inspiration Talk that I highly recommend. And if you want more, you can also read Jackley’s Clay Water Brick: Finding Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Who Do the Most with the Least. (I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my summer list!)

Love and story. Two of the most important things we have. Or maybe, just maybe, the only important things we have.

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