5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

It’s been that kind of week…or two…or three, actually, where I have had so many meetings and trips and other valuable experiences and obligations that it’s been tough to find time to write…or even to rest. 🙂 And then there’s the world outside my little world, the world of earthquakes and protests and riots and more. It’s enough to wear you out and wear you down. Or at least to tempt you to give up on some of your dreams.

Which is why I found this 6-minute TED Talk by Brazilian entrepreneur and innovator Bel Pesce a helpful reminder not only that we need dreamers more than ever, but that there are some sure-fire ways to kill, or keep alive, our dreams. Much of this short talk is not new, reminding us that there is no substitute for hard work and of the absolute necessity to take responsibility for our dreams. But it came at a good time for me, and perhaps will for you as well.

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