Sabbatical Accountability

I wish I could pass this off as genuine and then tomorrow tell you it was an April Fools’ Day jest. But there are some jokes – usually involving fooling others – that I can never quite pull off. And, besides, you’d recognize immediately that it was a gag. But it’s a good gag. And especially fun for those of us who have lived through the fiscal crisis at Luther Seminary in recent months. One of the things resulting from our economic situation is a call for greater accountability with regard to sabbaticals. Of course that’s a serious subject as it’s a big investment from the school that has received a very unequal return on investment over the years. But once in a while – and Luther’s annual Variety Show provided such an occasional recently – it helps to relax a bit and have a laugh at your own expense.

This video was put together by my multi-talented colleague Andy Root. If you enjoy this, be sure to catch his spoof-video from last year’s Variety Show on teacher assessment. Enjoy, and happy April Fools’ Day.

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