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Boston Memorial

Boston.com shared a number of moving photos from today’s remembrance of those who died a year ago in the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Here are a couple that made a deep impression on me. And it wasn’t only a memorial. It was also a celebration of the spirit of the folks who survived and their city as well as a sign of solidarity with those who continue to struggle to recover.

I caught only bits and pieces of the day’s events on the news but was impressed by and grateful for their attention to the people involved rather than to the crime committed.

By all accounts, it was a good day, but also a hard day. Tragedy often brings out the best in people, but Lord knows we’d trade our best to avoid such tragedy any day.

Prayers to all those in attendance and to those who continue to heal and recover. And prayers of safety to those conducting and running in this year’s Boston Marathon next Monday, the day after Easter.

bp18Photo by Jessica Rinaldi of the Boston Globe


Photo by Bill Sikes of the Associated Press


Photo by Brian Snyder of Reuters