Meditations on the Psalms Jan10


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Meditations on the Psalms

My teacher and mentor Timothy Wengert started a blog not too long ago that offers weekly meditations on the Psalms. Except these aren’t just meditations.

In 2001, Tim and his wife Barbara discovered that Barb had terminal cancer. Throughout that year and the next, before Barb died in May of 2001, they would read a Psalm together each night. And each morning the next day, Tim would send an email to their daughter Emily, who was away at college, with the Psalm and his reflections.

Now Tim is posting those reflections on his blog once a week in relation to the Sunday reading of the Psalm in the lectionary.

Which is what makes these meditations not just special, but also moving and important. They offer a living witness to why the Psalms were first written and how the faithful through the ages have used them: to give voice to one’s deepest emotions and profound faith in God. The Psalms provide language, that is, to speak the faith – faith that sometimes is trusting and full of hope, and faith that is at other times lamenting and full of fear or doubt. Yet whatever emotion may color them, each and every Psalms was addressed to God and thereby witnessed to the kind of authentic, full-bodied relationship with God that is available to all of us.

I hope that you will take a few moments to read some of Tim’s reflections. Or, even more, let his words prepare you for worship each week, as you also are drawn into the presence of the Holy One of Israel.