Good Leaders Make Leaders

When you watch the following short video, notice what happens to the people who come up to conduct.

A little background to put this request into context. This video, produced by ImprovEverywhere, invites people to take a turn at the stand and conduct a Carnegie Hall Orchestra. There’s a group of musicians, a milling crowd, and a music stand with the invitation, “CONDUCT US”.

Their expressions are priceless. Often a bit disbelieving at first, as in “you want me to do what?” Then a turn to nervousness or tentativeness, but usually then another turn toward enjoyment, and sometimes delight and passion and confidence to boot.

I think this is often what happens when we invite people into leadership roles – whether at home, school, business, or the church. They are surprised we asked, a little unsure of themselves at first, and then delighted to see themselves stretched and their gifts put to good use.

Might it be that one of the marks of excellent leaders is that they invite others into leadership roles? That a hallmark of great leadership is the ability to stretch the imagination of others and support and equip them to develop their gifts? Watch and see what you think.

Notes: 1) If you are receiving this post by email, you may need to click here to watch the video.
2) My thanks to Open Culture for pointing me to this video.
3) You can find a short “behind the scenes” video of the making of the Conduct Us at ImprovEverywhere’s website.