Paper Is Not Dead!

It’s not often that I laugh out loud at an internet video. But this was one of those times.

You may be familiar with the categorization of how people adapt to and adopt new technology. There are the innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards, spread across the typical bell curve as displayed in the graphic below.

early adopter

I’m one of those goofy people who thinks of myself as an early adopter but in actual practice fall somewhere between late majority and laggard.

I had one of the first touch screen smart phones (way before the iPhone) but never learned to do more than make phone calls. When the iPhone came out I scooped it up, but still haven’t figured out how to sync my calendar. I have an iPad, but my kids use it more than I do. I have several e-books, but, truth be told, desperately miss the feel of a book in my hand, the sensation of turning pages, and actually knowing where I am in the book by how many pages are left to turn.

All of which is to say, I have never embraced the predictions that the book was dead or the era of paper is over. Which probably explains why this video of a French commercial warmed by lonely laggard heart.

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