How Will The Next Pope Be Chosen?

Cardinals from around the world go into conclave today in Rome to choose the next Pope, which means that starting this evening [sometime soon] we will receive reports about whether black smoke or white issues from the chimney of the Vatican. Curious about how all that works? Me too! So I tuned in for a typically informative and fast-paced four-minute guide from the good folks at Busted Halo to find out how the Roman Catholic church chooses it’s spiritual leader. I found it quite helpful and help you do too.

Quick note: Misreading a news report late last week, I got the start of the papal conclave totally wrong, as several helpful readers pointed out. Let me be clear that that’s my mistake, not Busted Halo’s, and while it was tempting to just re-write this post, I figured a little humility – and gratitude to the folks who were playing better attention than I – wouldn’t hurt. 🙂  BTW: Here’s an article in today’s New York Time’s about the pre-conclave that does start today. The actual conclave starting date has not yet been set, but could be sometime next week.

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