God’s Light Show

From where I stand, spring should soon be on the way. But given that I stand in the beautiful Twin Cities of Minnesota, spring might not actually come for another month or more. That’s because, obviously, we live in the Upper Midwest, with an emphasis on “upper.” But when I remember that there are whole countries further north of me – Canada immediately, Norway, Finland, and vast portions of Russia further away, I both keep my delayed-spring complaints in check and, frankly, give thanks I’m not living even further north. 🙂

Of course, if I did live further north, I might from time to time have a chance to witness the beauty of the “northern lights” described recently by the New York Times as “God’s Light Show.” The picture below is just one example. For other pictures, you can go directly to the slide show provided by the Times. In the meantime, enjoy anticipating the arrival of spring whenever it might occur (or perhaps did) in your corner of the world!