Wright’s Law and the Power of Love

At first you think this is a video about an amazing teacher, Jeffrey Wright, who is willing to do just about anything to engage his students in learning — learning about physics, about themselves, about each other and the world.

Then you think it’s really about the power of vulnerability, of self-disclosure, as Mr. Wright shares with them some of his personal life and in this way creates an atmosphere of profound trust where transformative learning can take place.

And then you realize it’s really all about love.

In the face of the incredible challenges that Jeffrey and his son and family face, there are a few choices they could have made. One certainly is anger and, indeed, Jeffrey walked that path for a time. But one is also love – the love that holds this family together, but also the belief that it is finally love that knits all of us together and, indeed, holds the whole universe.

For that, ultimately, is Wright’s Law: that there is nothing that is more powerful than love, God’s love that infuses and animates all things and that we are blessed to see and share.

This is a twelve-minute video that will change your day, your outlook, maybe your life. Watch it, share it, live it.

Wright’s Law from Zack Conkle on Vimeo.

Notes: 1) If you are receiving this post by email, you may need to click here to watch the video.
2) Thanks to Zach Conkle for making this incredible video and for Ben Cieslik to pointing me to it.