The Christmas Story, New Zealand-style

This is probably my favorite retelling of the Christmas story. The folks at St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand do a fantastatic job with the video, music, and all the rest, and you have to love the brilliance of the idea of letting children tell the story. Plus, their New Zealand accents are adorable, especially when they say “baby” (I suppose it would have been over the top if they’d thrown in “dingo” as well. ☺)

Watching it a week after the events in Newtown made it all the more poignant. I hope you can be encouraged wherever you are by this simple retelling of a beautiful story and feel, once again, the love of Jesus enliven your heart on this the darkest day of the year (here at least; it’s the sunniest in NZ!).

Christmas Blessings!

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